Bands On The Verge


Year formed: 2008
Hometown: Montville, NJ
Genre: Alt / Rock
Influences: Coheed And Cambria, Greenday, Family Force Five, Led Zeppelin, R.A.T.M, Underoath, and Attack Attack.
Most Embarrassing Moment: Lead singer/drummer’s kick pedal and mic break simultaneously while on stage. “We’re gonna take a short break…”

We're All Wolves

We’re All Wolves
Formed: 2009
Hometown: Millburn, NJ
Genre: Poppy Post-Hardcore
Influences: Whiskey, Hangovers, Crazy girls, Not-so-Crazy Girls, Insomnia.
Musical Influences: Four Year Strong, Saosin, Brand New
Most Embarrassing Moment: I’m a solo artist and I don’t have a permanent backing line-up yet, so I usually teach my friends the songs about two weeks before a show; it’s embarrassing as shit when someone forgets the parts live, because that almost always happens.

And Then There Were Machines

And Then There Were Machines
Formed: 2006
Hometown: Newark, NJ
Genre: Pop Rock
Influences: The Cure, New Found Glory, Four Year Strong, Hit the Lights, Paramore
Most Embarrassing Moment: About a year ago at Paradise in Boston a former band member to remain nameless almost fell asleep on and stage while almost knocking Lisa out about 10 times with their bass.