GWAR: Bloody Pit Of Horror

With a band like GWAR you never know what you’re going to get until you throw the disc into your CD player and lay to rest any preconceived notions you had about music. GWAR’s love of onstage antics is no secret to anyone and it is one of their greatest selling points. Their recorded reputation is a different story entirely.

Bloody Pit Of Horror is 11 tracks of unruly, gooey thrash metal from the dregs of Dave Brockie’s demented mind. Some of the dementia comes through on this album, the vocals play a big part in separating this release from the hordes of thrash contenders out there, but that is where the problem shows itself. While the vocals kick ass, the riffs themselves aren’t particularly astounding or standout. At some points the album can get a little boring, especially when Brockie isn’t shouting obscenities.

While I am certain that this album will be awesome to see and hear live something is missing on the CD format. Maybe it’s the blood, come, physical humor or something entirely different, but it’s just not there.

All troubles aside, Bloody Pit Of Horror does have its moments and should not be a letdown for those who have come to love GWAR over the years, nor should it be a letdown for anyone just getting into GWAR. It’s a solid release from a time-tested band.

In A Word: Gooey