Beach House Introduces A New Direction With Their New Single

  Beach House has surpassed themselves once again. Last week, the Maryland-based dream pop duo released “Lemon Glow,” a new song that is stunning in every way. Seriously, even the black and white visualizer that plays alongside their song on YouTube holds onto the pure, yet extremely trippy effect that the song itself has on its listeners.

  The hook of this fantastic new track goes a little bit like this: “When we turn the lights down low/Lemon-colored honey glow.” The song traces the fine line between breathless romanticism and rude awakenings. Victoria Legrand’s voice is raw and soft, drawing on the intimacy factor that the song holds in its lyrics. But the growing pace of the synth and drums by Alex Scally give the song its pulsing and powerful undertones that makes truly makes this an authentic Beach House track.

  The song closes seemingly in the middle of a sentence, but the abruptness of it gives the song a new depth and even more tension; something that contradicts the soft, blissful, considerably emotional story being told. “Lemon Glow” is the perfect combination of new, sharp edges meeting the already silky-smooth style that Beach House has created for themselves over their last six albums.

  Their forthcoming album is to be released later in the spring, and I can only imagine the dreamy, fresh-off-the-press lyrics working hand in hand with the always earth shattering instrumental music. If it sounds anything like this new track, then I seriously cannot wait; especially since it has been almost three years since they sprung their last studio album, Thank Your Lucky Stars, on us. “Lemon Glow” genuinely sets up for a slightly altered sound from the indie pop/rock band, but in the best way possible.