Spotlights – Shane & Damien Jurado

Shane Comes To The Mercury Lounge
  Shane is an LA-based indie artist who is young, fun, and multi-talented. Not to mention that his fanbase is growing so fast, it’s becoming difficult to keep up with getting tickets to his concerts and stopping him for an autograph after the show. At only 22 years old, he writes and co-produces all of his own contemporary indie pop songs. Plus, you can’t talk about Shane without bringing up his music videos. He directs, produces, choreographs, casts, and edits them all himself. That, right there, is dedication and hard work. His first ever show in NYC is coming up on May 18 and you don’t want to miss it. For tickets, visit



Bare It All With Damien Jurado
  He has experience, passion, and stories to tell, but with two decades in the business, who doesn’t? Sure, everyone has things to say, but not everyone can say it like Damien Jurado does. He paints pictures, creates narratives, and sings beautifully alongside a guitar. His latest album, The Horizon Just Laughed,  was produced by Jurado himself — which is perfect for someone who gets so personal, and bares their soul and their life to the world through their own art. His music is authentic indie rock and could not get any more genuine. To see his art and soul on display, get tickets to his May 18 show at Outpost in the Burbs at