Spotlights: Built to Spill, Crash Test Dummies, Com Truise, Kamelot

Everything You Can Imagine From Built to Spill

Hailing from Boise, Idaho is an indie rock band that is approaching it’s 28th year in the music industry, has eight full length records to their name, and one of the most devoted followings in their scene. Built to Spill takes the underground rock sound of the nineties and turns it into a modern art-rock spectacle, all without losing their originality and simplicity. It’s liquid guitar tones and memorable riffs all boxed up in intruding pastel artwork time and time again. Nobody can get enough, that’s for sure. Once you see them live, you’ll understand the adoration and hype. Now is your chance, too, for they’re kicking off their tour at Starland Ballroom on Sept. 12. For tickets, visit

NJ To Host Some Dummies

Another band that has a stellar history and fantastic music under their belt is Crash Test Dummies, the Canadian folk rock foursome that has been enticing people with their unique, alternative style and storytelling approach since 1988. Three U.S. Grammy nominations and 10 Cadian Juno nominations (plus one win!) only solidified the band’s spot in the late nineties folk rock scene, which surprisingly enough, started with their international hit “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm.” It might not sound all that interesting, but it’s just as much of a chart topping track as it is a fan favorite. The band is heading to the Newton Theatre on Sept. 15 and it’ll be an era spanning night for everyone involved. To find more information on the band and their tour, head to

Let’s Welcome Com Truise To The Stage

Chuckle at his stage name all you want, but Seth Haley has made a name for himself in the EDM category by using Tom Cruise’s name is a punny matter. Oh, and for having an ear and a talent for electronica, too. You see, this Com Truise character is exactly that: a character. He is a fictional astronaut whose life and tales are told through Haley’s albums. Many people find electronic based music to be colder than other styles of music, for it might not have as much to say or a lot for people to connect to, but not any of Haley’s music. He developed a person and a story to be told and it is through his music that people get to delve in and listen. Experience Com Truise and his adventures yourself by going to and grabbing tickets for his Asbury Lanes performance on Sept. 17.

Not At All Rough Around The Edges

Coming to the PlayStation Theater in New York City on Sept. 14 is a band that shaped an entire genre. Power metal was, truly, never the same once Kamelot stepped onto the scene almost two decades ago. The way they approached heavy metal then, and the way they approach heavy metal now, is not one of “How loud can we play?” or “How hard can we strum or hit our instruments?” They have always looked at metal the way a true musician should: as art. There are layers to heavy metal music and that has been lost or misinterpreted over time. Kamelot brings that back, making their sound one of experimentation, but also authenticity. It’s symphonic and melodic, while also progressive and industrial. There is an element of creativity and musicianship in this band that will never be matched.