Spotlights: Arlo Guthrie, Graveyard, Neighbor Lady, Porches

Arlo Guthrie: An American Treasure

A storyteller extraordinaire for over five decades, Arlo Guthrie is as fervent as ever. His dedication to his artistic craft has never wavered and has solidified him in history as one of the most prominent and passionate singer-songwriters the world has ever seen. Guthrie truly has perfected the balance of social commentary, personal events, melodic guitar notes, and expertly crafted folk rock hooks. While most know him for 1967’s seminal, 18-minute track “Alice’s Restaurant Massacre,” he is truly so much more, having released just about 20 full-length LPs since then. He’s going to perform them, relive them, and bring them to life at The Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park on Sept. 28 and I can guarantee that fans new and old will be treated to even more stories shared than ever before. For tickets, visit

Graveyard to Rock Asbury Park

Here is a very short list of things that Sweden has so graciously given the world: The beautiful spectacle that is The Northern Lights, Ikea’s to-die-for Swedish meatballs, and Graveyard, the fantastic hard rock foursome that reunited in 2017 and made fans in and out of Sweden squeal with joy. Known for their bluesy, metal-esque approach to rock ‘n’ roll, the band broke up in 2016, almost 10 years to the day since their formation. With some lineup changes and a rediscovered appreciation for hard rock, Graveyard reunited just a year later. And a year after that? Their fifth studio album, Peace, hit shelves, went to #1 on the charts in Sweden, and blew all their previous work out of the water. You have the chance to see this vital album and their ever-growing discography performed live at the Stone Pony on Oct. 2. Tickets and more information can be found at

Alternative + Country =  NYC’s Best Live Show

Neighbor Lady is the point where nineties indie rock and deep western country intermingle and come to a head. And thank God for that. Soaring vocals, melodies that you will have in your head for days, honest life events, and surprisingly in-your-face powerhouse instrumentation is everything that Neighbor Lady does best. They create music that is Fleetwood Mac meets Soccer Mommy, with just a dash of down-home Americana, and a sprinkling of classic rock. It’s as dreamy as it is fierce. They are on the rise and a must-see act, for sure, so snatching your tickets to their soon-to-be sold out Alphaville show on Sept. 26 is imperative. Go to now for more information.

From Upstate to The City

Going into the tenth year of his uniquely under-the-radar career, Upstate NY’s very own electronic pop-star, Aaron Maine, aka Porches, is hitting one of the coolest venues that the Big Apple has to offer: The Sultan Room. A venue as cool as this is perfect for the laid-back, effortless talent, and music that Porches consistently brings to the table. His synth-pop sound is evident, but his post-punk influences are as clear as day. There is a level of intricacy in how he approaches music alongside his bandmates that makes for perfectly crafted songs that are very much in a genre, as well as a league of their own. Catch all of it and more live on Oct. 1, just visit to get your tickets.