Colorful, Nostalgic, Spectacular 

Before stadium shows with state of the art lighting systems and in-your-face pyrotechnics became the modern concert spectacle that it is, people went to venues with only somewhat comfortable seating to watch lasers dance around the ceiling and walls in time to popular music. It might sound like the least exciting thing to those who are caught up in the big production style of concerts these days, but there is a nostalgic charm to laser shows…. Especially when the theme of the event is Pink Floyd’s greatest hits and deepest tracks. If you didn’t get to see Floyd back in the day or you want to relive the moment in colorful way, this night is for you. Go to the Bergen Performing Arts Center on Oct. 26 to experience it for yourself. Tickets can be found at

Asbury Park Hosts Local Ska Legends

Late nineties ska punk right out of New Jersey is surely something worth celebrating, which means that clearing all of your Oct. 27 plans to go see Catch 22 at House of Independents is imperative to any music lover’s life. East Brunswick saw the rise of a band that sounded so ‘East Coast’ and so ‘West Coast’ at the same time that people still aren’t sure how they got their sound to be so authentically their own so early on in their career. Their self recorded EP was released in 1996 and the world caught on from their. Multiple tours later, lineup changes, and only improving instrumentation means that Catch 22 has been through the wringer, but know what they’re doing, both for themselves and their diehard fans. For more details on the band and their upcoming shows, visit

Town Hall Welcomes the Mesmerizing City and Colour

Hailing from St. Catherines, Canada is Dallas Green, a folk rock singer-songwriter with an intriguing background as both an acoustic performer with his time in You+Me alongside P!nk, and a post-hardcore and alternative rock musician with the band, Alexisonfire. To call Green anything other than hard-working and extraordinary would be wrong, because that is exactly what he is. Now recording under the moniker City and Colour, he is releasing music that is personal, melodic, and exactly what modern folk should sound like: comforting and inspiring – just like him. ($1 of every ticket sold on this tour goes to the Crisis Text Line!) For your own tickets to his Town Hall show on Oct. 25, head over to now.

Phenomenal Idol Finalist Comes To NYC

You probably know the absolutely sensational, wildly original indie pop artist Scarypoolparty from his time on American Idol, where he went by his real, yet maybe not a memorable, name: Alejandro Aranda. Names aside, his talent is raw, eclectic, and goosebump-inducing. Aranda, or Scarypoolparty to those who have been following the musician’s career long before his appearance on the competition singing show, is a guitarist in least stereotypical and most creative sense possible, as well as a songwriter that produces lyrics that are honest and beyond his years. He’s a force to be reckoned with in every medium and on every platform. His PlayStation Theater tour date on Oct. 28 is an absolute can’t-miss experience for anybody who loves music – of any genre. Aranda does it all. For tickets, visit

2 Responses

  1. Jaime Mariscal

    Scarypoolparty (SPP) is an incredible performer. He is a master of piano and guitar. His music composition is not one elses. His shows are incredible. His music on this tour however is not all like what folks heard on American Idol (even that was left to two minute bits). He will perform acoustically near the end of the show for 4 or 5 songs.

    This tour is with a band of other members who are as accomplished as he is. DK the drummer who was a member of mutemath asked to be part of this group and his playing is incredible. The guitar player in this band is announced as the best guitar player SPP know. Thats something. And finally his bass player who is also incredible and from what I understand grew up with SPP.

    On the band music,be prepared for a style of music that is industrial rock, new age transcendental, classical all mixed up together all along with a light show that has been perfected to go with the music. The whole concert has been perfected from my observation.

    You will be impressed with SPP’s piano playing through most of the band performance. You will be impressed with the depth and layering in the music composition. On the acoustic you will be impressed on the fact that everytime he plays a song you know he changes how he plays the guitar.

  2. Tom

    Big Pink Floyd fan right here , the laser light shows are the best!! I love Scarypoolparty is my favorite singer , there is nothing better than some Floyd with SPP!


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