Spotlights–Bastille, Superchunk, Toro Y Moi, Pete Yorn

NYC Loves Bastille

Just about a decade into their wildly successful career, UK’s Bastille is hitting the road yet again, ready to bring even more of their beloved discography to life on stage. Their stop at Sony Hall on Nov. 7 is sure to be equally as intimate as it is the exciting concert of your indie pop dreams. Their latest album, Doom Days, teeters more in the electro-pop category, delving further into the synth style elements that they have included occasionally in their music in the past. But Bastille is growing their sound, their brand, and their name, making sure that there is a song in their catalog for everyone to enjoy, whether it be streamed on a phone or heard live in concert. If you want to join in on the latter, visit

Brooklyn to Host Special Acoustic Performance by Superchunk

North Carolina’s very own alternative rockers, Superchunk, are only getting better with age. It’s been thirty years since they formed and the four piece has 17 albums to their name, and even more if you count some of their stellar EPs. The band has toured globally, garnered fans of all musical taste, and have made a name for themselves in the indie rock community – of which has remained strong and respected throughout their career. They musicianship is undeniable and their talent is effortless, making their music their own, but still always interesting, melodic, and timeless. They’re coming to Murmrr Ballroom in Brooklyn on Nov. 7. Get your tickets not at

Here Comes the Incomparable Toro Y Moi

He’s a passionate synth pop artist with one hand on the electronic side of the genre and the other on the singer-songwriter side. Toro Y Moi, or Chaz Bear, has a lot of talents and a lot of skills and he lets all of them flow when creating music. He is known to have really kicked off the chillwave genre upon entering the music scene in 2010, a style of music that is filled with EDM style beats, but is produced in a laid back manner, intertwining lyrics and adding depth to music that can be much more than computerized sounds. His Brooklyn Steel show on Nov. 8 is guaranteed to draw a crowd, so head over to for tickets and more information.

California Expat Returns Home to New Jersey

Born and raised right here in New Jersey, but now calling Santa Monica home, Pete Yorn is much more than a local icon and a fabulous musician. The 45-year-old singer-songwriter is a passionate performer who has been crafting his blended rock ‘n’ roll sound for almost three decades. The instrumentation on almost all of his records is primarily done by him, his lyrics are personal, and he makes sure to work with and alongside people who are equally as talented, but won’t step on his toes when it comes to creative control. Yorn’s musical niche is alternative rock with an indie, acoustic twist, telling stories in his songs and on stage. He’s going to be putting on a can’t miss show at Warsaw in Brooklyn on Nov. 9, so regardless of what cast you call home, you’re going to be missing out on a true, masterful musician by not getting tickets now at