Spotlights–Tool, Allah-Las, Yonder Mountain String Band, Black Mountain

So Many Chances To See Tool!

If you have yet to go to a Tool concert in your lifetime, now is the time to do so. The three-time Grammy Award-winning alternative metal band is going on three decades of album releases, rock hits, and sold-out tours, which means that going to see them now encompasses the best of all of that! Their musical experimentation, emotional depth, and artistic flair will be on full display as the band delves into their expansive and notable discography. You can catch the fascinating, generation-spanning metal band at Prudential Center in Newark on Nov. 16, in Philadelphia at Wells Fargo Center on Nov. 18, and at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Nov. 19.

L.A. Natives Head To Philly and Brooklyn

The Allah-Las are a Los Angeles band like no other. They don’t come to you in a shiny, pristine, little package. They aren’t a marketing ploy to bring rock ‘n’ roll back into the mainstream. And they surely aren’t making music that they themselves wouldn’t love. The Allah-Las are four friends with a knack for writing and producing music that is different, yet familiar, garage-ish, yet melodic. They are, predominantly, a psychedelic rock band, but the influences they intertwine into their music range from surf rock to pop to grunge and everything in between. Their whirlwind inspirations have made their sound what it is, a perfect mixture of every genre from every era—allowing just about any listener to find at least one Allah-Las song to love. To get tickets to their Union Transfer and Brooklyn Steel shows on Nov. 18 and 20, visit

Not Your Parents’ Bluegrass Band

Yonder Mountain String Band photographed in San Francisco, CA March 24, 2016©Jay Blakesberg

Two-plus decades into their career as one of the most creative country jam bands of all time, Yonder Mountain String Band have not lost an ounce of momentum. Their genuine appreciation for the music they make is clear, essentially running the machine that is their art in the most personal way possible. The band runs their very own record label, allowing them outlets and freedom which they use to their advantage when creating music that is their own and they are proud of. YMSB’s unique style of progressive bluegrass music has been honed over time, making their sound wholly theirs for fans and listeners alike to relish in. It’s eclectic and passionate Americana that deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated in the jam session atmosphere that it comes from. To experience that for yourself, head on over to Brooklyn Bowl on Nov. 14. For tickets, visit

Black Mountain To Rock Philly

From the cold shores of Vancouver, Canada, comes Black Mountain, a five piece psychedelic rock band whose most recent album, Destroyer, is one of the best albums of the year. It has a harder rock sound than some of the band’s previous work, but they still hit the nail on its head when it comes to the stellar musicianship, lyrics, and production. The intertwining of stoner rock nostalgia and forward thinking instrumentation makes for an interesting dichotomy of new and old, timeless guitar riffs and futuristic bass lines. Like all of their music, this album is spacey, driven, and concise. Black Mountain’s music is an experience in itself, so I can only imagine what a live show of theirs entails. Catch their performance at Underground Arts in Philadelphia on Nov. 14 to find out for yourself! Tickets can be bought at