Ehud Lazin

Larkin Poe + Webster Hall + Ehud Lazin = Musical, Visual Perfection

Embracing, empowering, and entertaining family, friends, and fans… that is what Larkin Poe live is all about and exactly what we experienced on March 11.

A modern rockabilly duo? That are sisters? And Grammy-nominated? Yes, yes, and yes. This is Larkin Poe – a family band, if you will, with one of the most penetrative sounds in rock today. Authentic country twang offset by the depths of the blues, both women are stars in their own multi-instrumentalist way. However, when they come together, there is a new meaning to ‘dynamic duo.’ Their harmonies, vocally and musically, are otherworldly. Every song, every lick on the guitar, every melody, and every moment on stage deserves to be cherished, because it really is all about their collective, collaborative spirit and talent. These ladies have fun playing with, alongside, and off of one another. It is sensational to watch as it is to hear; which is why it was imperative to get Ehud Lazin out to the show to photograph it.

Photos by Ehud Lazin