Alyssa Rasp

Peter McPoland at The Stone Piggy… Er, Pony

Peter McPoland + last night of tour = unmatched (and a little unhinged) energy. We ended the Piggy Tour together at the legendary Stone Pony on November 19 and it was so much fun.

​Walking onstage with a vlog camera and a rhinestoned boot from a broken toe, I knew we were in for the show of a lifetime. The excitement was palpable from both the singer-songwriter himself and the crowd – especially the fans on barricade who had gone to multiple shows throughout the tour.


Peter was dancing all night while performing his indie pop/alt rock hits – that boot couldn’t stop him. In fact, he followed his instincts toward the end of the show and took the boot off to jump over the barricade so he could dance with the fans. (Yeah, it was a moment we’ll never forget.)

​With his family in attendance to help celebrate the last night of an incredibly successful tour, it was an exhilarating show for all involved. You could feel how happy everyone was to be there – the crew, the band, Peter, the VIPs in the crowd… everyone. I’ll never ever forget this show, and I’m beyond grateful I got to be there. Piggy Tour forever.