Alyssa Rasp

On 11/11, We Wish for Joe P

Well, happy birthday, baby! Everyone’s here for you.

New Jersey’s own joe p closed out his fall tour with a birthday show right back here at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City. November 11 couldn’t have been a better day or night if we tried.

​There’s nothing like a crowd of friends, family, and die-hard fans who bring the energy that we’re known for here in New Jersey . Every song – even the unreleased ones – had the entire sold-out crowd singing at the top of their lungs and dancing the whole night. With the bonus of him throwing in some of his own versions of Deal Casino songs, the setlist was to die for.

Photos by Alyssa Rasp

Of course, it wouldn’t be a joe p show without him climbing something onstage while simultaneously playing guitar and taking a polaroid of the crowd. Crazy impressive even without the crazy musical ability all occurring at the same time.

There really is nothing that compares to a Jersey crowd, especially when you’re playing the very state you grew up and started your career in. Joe, we cannot wait for your next show!