Ehud Lazin

Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts World Tour & It’s Earth-Shattering First Night in NYC

They say you always remember your first, and there isn’t a chance in heaven or hell that global pop rock phenom Olivia Rodrigo – nor her fans – will ever forget her MSG debut. We are quite sure about that, and that’s because we were there on April 5 and will be talking about the show for years to come.

Photo by Ehud Lazin

An earthquake to start the day? A Noah Kahan cameo to end it? Yeah, that sounds like the coolest way to start off a four night residency at the World’s Most Famous Arena. Appropriately so, too, because the GUTS WORLD TOUR is easily the coolest tour of the spring and one of the most sought after tickets of the year.

Although she only has two (massive hit) records under her belt and this is merely her second tour, the star sings, dances, belts, chants, croons, laughs, kicks, and sparkles on the stage… and just as much when sitting on a purple moon that floats across the arena for two songs night after night. (Coincidentally, today’s solar eclipse falls in line with night three of Rodrigo’s Madison Square Garden performances.) She’s a total pro, a relatable 21-year-old superstar, and a thrilling performer; having our adored photographer Ehud Lazin in house for this first night in NYC was a dream. The below photos prove that.